Update 7th february: I Have just discovered that my email responses from Felicity@felicityhancock.com are not getting through to any Gmail accounts and if they do they go into spam. if anyone is expecting a response from me and have not heard many apologies. I am trying to figure how to configure this so it does not happen again. 


Welcome to Felicity Hancock Osteopathy.
I provide osteopathic treatment for adults and children at my Norwich based clinic with on-street parking. 

I have over 17 years experience and having additional training in children, pregnancy and postpartum. For more information please look around my website or get in touch.


Bookings can be made direct via my online booking system.

If you wish to discuss your requirements ahead of booking or to join my waiting list please email me at: felicity@felicityhancock.com or text 07541 668880.


Norwich Osteopath 

Treating all ages with specialist training in Children's osteopathy, Pregnancy and Post partum

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Alternatives, 15 Kingsley Road, Norwich NR1 3RB • Email: felicity@felicityhancock.com